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Kansas' history is filled with colorful characters that have shaped the state we know today. Through the passage of time, perspectives change and reality can give way to legend. Lines begin to blur exactly who truly deserves the title NOTORIOUS.

This engaging exhibit will explore a selection of so-called notorious figures from Kansas' past, leaving the visitor to answer just what made them receive such a title. Perhaps they might even disagree. 

Quick Facts

  • +500 sq. ft. needed for the exhibition.
  • Electrical access is needed for one unit.
  • Standard booking period is 1-3 months. Longer periods can be negotiated.
  • Fee is $1175 for 1 month or $2250 for 3 months. Shipping fee is included in the price.
  • Educational activity starters are included.
  • Staff from the Smoky Hill Museum will deliver, install and train.
  • There are no artifacts as part of the exhibit and therefore no special facility requirements.

In the Exhibit

From naughty to nervy, noble to nefarious, this exhibit introduces visitors to unforgettable Kansas characters. Notorious offers hands-on activities to spur engagement.

  • Test your skill as an eyewitness with a screen-based puzzle.
  • Get your hands on a set of dowsing rods and decide for yourself if they work.
  • A jail cell offers a great photo opportunity. 
  • There is also a scavenger hunt.

A Notorious activity booklet is packed full of fun for puzzlers of all ages. It boasts seven activities. Kids will enjoy the maze, word search puzzle, matching game and more. Complete the dot-to-dot, then color it in! There's more to do with this playful activity booklet. Free with the exhibit while supplies last. All activities and puzzles are also available in single-page form. 

In the Classroom

Notorious provides four flexible, curriculum-based lesson plans.

  • "Make Your Own Mural" leads students on a creative journey, using "Tragic Prelude" by John Stueart Curry as a model.
  • The "Debate" lesson plan encourages critical thinking and research.
  • The "Detective Journal" lesson plan exercises students' language arts muscles.
  • "Who is Notorious in Your Town?" lesson plan challenges students to create their own exhibit piece specific to their area.


For additional questions or to book the exhibit, contact Joshua Morris, Curator of Exhibits, at

Exhibit Designed and Produced by Smoky Hill Museum, a division of Salina Arts and Humanities, a department of the City of Salina, Kansas. The exhibit team: Rosa De La Cruz, Susan Hawksworth, Hannah Mahnken, Nona Miller, Joshua Morris, Kay Quinn, and Jennifer Toelle.

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