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Give the Gift of Discovery

Like a detective, the Museum puts history’s clues and pieces together to better understand what has happened in Salina and to its people. Without access to these stories, we are in danger of forgetting this community’s past and understanding where we are today. With your help, the Smoky Hill Museum works to change that. Your donation to the Smoky Hill Museum enriches the lives of children, families and adults who seek to uncover what Salina is all about.

So many great stories are waiting to be uncovered in Salina, like the recent presentation by three Salina Vietnam veterans. Doug, Jim and Mario put their lives on the line for democracy. Hearing their stories brought the war alive, especially when you realized that when the veterans went over to Vietnam, they were the same age as the high school kids in the audience. Seeing those young faces while hearing the harrowing stories of other young men really brought the war home.

The stories of Doug, Jim and Mario are just a handful of stories that the Museum helps discover and present to the public through programs and exhibits. We depend on support from generous individuals like you to help us keep Salina’s stories alive and free to the public. The detective work into the past and the presentation of it to the community can range anywhere from $300 for a First Thursday program to $6,000 for a special exhibit.

Will you give to the Friends of the Smoky Hill Museum to ensure the Museum can discover more of Salina’s past and share it with the citizens of our community? For, without understanding where we’ve been, we cannot understand where we are now.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

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