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Why Support the Museum

Private Funding


Alongside private funding from the Friends of the Smoky Hill Museum and other donors, the City of Salina provides operations, staffing and programming support, to help the Museum remain an excellent, free-admission educational institution.

The Museum celebrates each person and story that comprises the city’s evolving historical tapestry. Its topical galleries reflect the struggles and vision of the people of the Smoky Hills region, since the city's founding in 1858. From yesteryear to yesterday, each member of the community has something unique to share, so that Salina’s overall story may be fully told. 

As you explore ways to best share your resources to support the Museum, please remember that every donation matters. Through your giving, the legacy of the Smoky Hill Museum can be safely ensured for generations to come, and when you give, you make learning accessible to all regardless of circumstance. The Museum welcomes financial gifts including annual memberships, individual or corporate sponsorships, and legacy gifts.

Gifts ranging from $5 to $5,000 or more have been entrusted to the Museum’s leadership to enhance existing programs and make possible the renovation of the interactive learning area for children and their families, scheduled for the spring of 2015.

Please consider including the Smoky Hill Museum as one of your annual or planned gifts this year. Sharing your time and financial support is a wonderful way to provide for the Museum’s collections and outreach. The Museum staff or board of directors is always available to talk with you about how your support can best be utilized.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

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