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2024 Chili Cook-off

The Street Fair is coming up and that means it is time for some good chili. That’s where you and your unique brand of chili come in. To make this less of a burden on you, we help provide ingredients to get each team off to a good start. Teams will receive a generous starting kit that includes 15 lbs. of beef and a mess of onions and tomatoes. From there, each team can add their own unique ingredients to make the chili something special.

Entering is easy. Follow this simple checklist.

  • Create a team with up to four people.
  •  Fill out the form below or download and return the paper version.
  • Choose a theme for your booth, and yes, it’s ok if you want to highlight your organization through your booth theme.
  • Create your recipe and be ready for a day of fun.
  • Non-Refundable Application fee: $30 payable to The Friends of Smoky Hill Museum.

People’s Choice – The winner will be selected by the public. A ballot box will be available for people to place their vote. Votes will be tallied at 1:30 pm and the winner will be announced at 2 pm. The winner will receive a combination of cash and prizes valued at $150.

Judge’s Choice – Three local judges will select the winner, who will be announced at 2 pm. The winner will receive a combination of cash and prizes valued at $150.

Votes will be tallied at 1:30, and the winner will be announced at 2 pm.

If you still have questions or need assistance, contact Rosa De la Cruz at 785-833-8021, or Joshua Morris at 785-833-8024, We are here to help you have a great time competing.


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$25 Application Fee (non-refundable)

Each team will be provided with a set of starting ingredients listed below. You will provide additional ingredients to make your chili unique. A team may wish to pass on the provided ingredients, but the museum will not provide alternate options from those stated below. Following the public sampling and voting period, a winner will be announced on the main stage. Proceeds from the competition will go towards the Smoky Hill Museum to maintain year-round events, exhibits and presentations free to the public.

You are responsible for:

A 10 x 10 pop-up canopy, water, cooking source, hand & ware washing equipment and a fire extinguisher.

We will provide the following: 15 lbs beef, 5 lbs onion, 4 -105 oz cans of tomato sauce or whole or crushed tomato (your choice), tasting cups & spoons, one 8’ table and two chairs. Each team space is 10 x10.

Substitutions will be made depending on product availability.

Tomato Product selection (4 total cans):

15 lbs Ground Beef

For more information contact Rosa De la Cruz at 785-833-8021,

or Joshua Morris at 785-833-8024,


Your total payment will be
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By submitting your application, you agree to all rules and regulations of the Boiling Pot Chili Cook-off. Violations of the rules will result in disqualification. No alcohol is permitted on site.

Rules and Regulations

1.   All entrants must provide their own supplies, cooking source, canopy tent and weights, ingredients and cooking equipment including food thermometer, hand and ware washing and fire extinguisher. Each team will be provided with a set of starting ingredients, one 8’ table, two chairs and tasting cups and spoons.

2.   Each entry can have a MAXIMUM of four people on the team. Each team needs to have a team captain, and up to three assistants.

3.   Load-in is between 7-9 am.

4.   Cooking must not begin before 7:00 am.

5.   Aside from preparing spice mixes and or roasting of peppers, no off-site prep is allowed.

6.   Chili must be cooked on site the day of the cook-off, from scratch. Cooking will take place in the open, no cooking in motor homes or in enclosed tents.

7.   No electricity will be provided. Propane systems or generators are suggested.

8.   Cooks are to prepare and cook chili in as sanitary a manner as possible. Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by the judging committee. Failure to comply is subject to disqualification. Cooks must bring chili to 165⁰ before serving and maintain a safe serving temperature of 140⁰ or above.

9.   If you decide not to decorate your booth, you will need to have at least a poster with the name of your group or organization and the type of chili you are serving. Please list known high-allergen ingredients. No alcohol is permitted on site. *Please label your chili as either HOT, REGULAR, or MILD *This is for the publics' information. Regardless of heat level, all chili will compete for the People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice.

10.   Entrants must prepare a minimum of five (5) gallons of chili for each variety they are entering into the contest. Public sampling begins at 11am.

11.   Teams must not tear down their tent until the conclusion of awards at 2 pm.

12.   Awards will be given to the team receiving the most votes from the public and the most votes from judges.

13.   Teams that cancel 10 days or less before the event are responsible for paying for the starting ingredients. ($60 on top of the non-refundable entry fee that has already been paid.)

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