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The Challenges of Civil War Disability:   Dr. Brian Craig Miller, professor, Emporia State University. After the Civil War, the damaged soldiers returned home. Explore the challenges they faced including pain, disabilities, a depressed economy and the struggle for a normal life.

The Civil War in Kansas:   Dr. Merle “Boo” Hodges, local physician, civil war reenactor and historian. Join Dr. Hodges, as he shares about some of the Civil War skirmishes and battles fought on the dark, fertile soil of Kansas.

Civil War Medicine: Compassion During Conflict:   Dr. Michael Monaco, Civil War reenactor, physician, clinical professor and NFL team physician. Dr. Monaco discusses medical practices of the Civil War and shares an impressive display of medical equipment from the time period.

Kansas Forts and Bases:   Debra Goodrich, author. Forts were often the difference between life and death on the prairie. Goodrich discusses the history of Kansas forts and bases, including their purposes, fates and the people in them.

Life in the Trenches:   Doran Cart, senior curator, National WWI Museum and Memorial. It was a world of mud, noise and disease. Learn how and why trenches were part of World War I, the networks, conditions and challenges.

Make Art not War:   Erika Nelson, World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum. Protest art takes many forms. Explore the sometimes humorous, biting and often clever ways artists craft their message.

Making Sense of World War I:   Doran Cart, senior curator, National WWI Museum and Memorial. Cart discusses what the world looked like in the early 1900s. Find out how the war started, became a world war and why America got involved.

Vietnam War in Perspective:   Dr. Adrian Lewis, Naval War College teacher, professor at University of Kansas, veteran, author. Look at the Vietnam War in the context of the Cold War and learn why it was fought the way it was.


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