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Salina/Smoky Hills Area

Coronado Heights: Myth, Oral Tradition and a Personal Connection:   Dr. Tim Weston, Kansas Historical Society. Follow the Coronado Expedition of 1540-1542, the evidence for its presence in Kansas and its connection to Coronado Heights. Also learn about the impact of this WPA project on local families.

DC3:   Dr. Steven Rutledge, atmospheric science professor, Colorado State University. Salina was the base location for the DC3 weather project. Learn about the science behind the project, its purpose and about the planes that flew into storms.

Head ‘Em Up & Move ‘Em Out:   Jim Gray, author and executive director of the National Drovers Hall of Fame. It’s the story of cowboys, cattle and the steak on your plate. Learn how drives functioned, the dangers, the men who led them, and how Ellsworth and Salina fit in.

History of Camp Phillips:   Dr. Merle “Boo” Hodges, local physician, civil war reenactor and historian. Camp Phillips was born of necessity, used for training troops then dismantled. Learn about the men, the mission and the memory of Camp Phillips.

History of Schilling Air Force Base:   Tim Rogers, A.A.E., executive director, Salina Airport Authority. Rogers shares 20 facts about Schilling Air Force Base. Also hear info about the then-planned Wings over Salina Aviation Experience.

History on a Piece of Cloth: Kansas Flour Sacks:   Nancy Jo Leachman, collector and explorer. Leachman discusses how she collects and dates flour sacks, using sacks mainly from the 1920s to the 1940s. Learn how these mini-billboards served political and advertising purposes and showed cultural themes.

Life & Times: Segregation in Salina:   Marie Johnson, author and independent researcher. Take an in-depth look at the lives of African Americans in Salina during segregation. Learn about local racial discrimination, how the African American community responded and the continuing impact.

Marymount College – A History:   Dr. Patricia Ackerman, professor, K-State Salina. Join Dr. Ackerman as she shares stories and photos discovered during the process of archival research and the writing of her book, Marymount College of Kansas: A History.

Notorious Salina, the Naughty and the Nice:   John Burchill, associate professor, Kansas Wesleyan University. Kansas has had her share of rabble-rousers, rascals and ruffians. So has Saline County. Meet notorious and notable people who helped shape Salina and Saline County.

Petroglyphs of the Kansas Smoky Hills:   Rex Buchanan, Josh Svaty. Step back in time and connect with early Kansans through petroglyphs. See amazing photos, learn about the carvings and what they tell us about the people who made them.

A River Runs Through It:   Mike Mattson, local songster and historian. Dive into the history of the Smoky Hill River. Discover the stories and people that make up its past and how it got to the condition it’s in today.

Robert Caldwell: Teacher, Leader, Mentor, Mayor:   Marie Johnson, independent researcher. Caldwell was the first African American teacher hired at a Salina integrated school. He was also the first African American to serve as mayor of Salina. Learn about this amazing man of firsts.

Schilling Air Force Base Closure: +50:   Tim Rogers, A.A.E., executive director, Salina Airport Authority. Schilling Air Force Base was an important part of Salina. When it closed in 1965, the community faced an uncertain future. Explore the closure, its economic impact and how things are now.

William Phillips: Founder, Fighter, Friend:   Dr. Merle “Boo” Hodges, local physician, civil war reenactor and historian. Join Dr. Hodges as he puts the focus on this fascinating man. One of Salina’s founders, Phillips was a journalist, commanded the Third Indian Brigade in the Civil War, sued the U.S. government and more!


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