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AAM: The Last Farm Movement:   Greg Stephens, associate professor, K-State Salina & Andy Wilkinson, oral historian. The American Ag Movement worked to improve the farmer’s lot. Presenters discuss the people involved, the tractorcade and provide an overview of major Kansas farm movements.

Ad Astra – Ad Venture:   Dave Webb, Terry Rombeck & Beccy Tanner, authors. Is it a book or an adventure? It’s both! Meet amazing adventurers, scientists and more. They’re from the book 999 Kansas Characters: Ad Astra, a Biographical Series.

Feel Your Oats (With Help From a Goat):   Jerry Harper, attorney. From a virility cure that involved goats, to fame, fortune, a run for the governorship and more, Dr. Brinkley did it all. Hear about his life and what we might learn from him.

Immigration in Kansas:   Matthew Sanderson, associate professor, Kansas State University. Compare past and current trends, community benefits and challenges when new people move in. Sanderson shares how new cultures become part of, and impact, their community.

Robert Caldwell: Teacher, Leader, Mentor, Mayor:   Marie Johnson, independent researcher. Caldwell was the first African American teacher hired at a Salina integrated school. He was also the first African American to serve as mayor of Salina. Learn about this amazing man of firsts.

The Tall-Tale Postcards of Dad Martin and Pop Conard:   Erika Nelson, World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum. Enjoy hard-to-believe images of exaggerated postcards. Learn how they were made, used, and about two men who made them.

William Phillips: Founder, Fighter, Friend:   Dr. Merle “Boo” Hodges, local physician, civil war reenactor and historian. Join Dr. Hodges as he puts the focus on this fascinating man. One of Salina’s founders, Phillips was a journalist, commanded the Third Indian Brigade in the Civil War, sued the U.S. government and more!

Women Rising: How Kansas Women Gained the Vote, 1859-1912:   Diane Eickhoff, author and historian. Kansas women gained the vote in 1912, eight years before women throughout the rest of America. Learn about the many obstacles Kansas women overcame on their way to the voting booth.

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