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Beyond Cold Blood: The KBI from Ma Barker to BTK  Part 1: Beginnings:   Larry Welch, author, former director of the KBI. During the crime wave of the 1930s Kansans didn’t feel safe. They wanted a change. Welch outlines the birth of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation as well as its early history.

Beyond Cold Blood: The KBI from Ma Barker to BTK  Part 2: The Evolution of Kansas Crime:   Larry Welch, author, former director of the KBI. Delve into some of the famous characters, cases and crime catching procedures of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. May not be appropriate for children under 14.

Civil War Medicine: Compassion During Conflict:   Dr. Michael Monaco, Civil War reenactor, physician, clinical professor and NFL team physician. Dr. Monaco discusses medical practices of the Civil War and shares an impressive display of medical equipment from the time period.

The Common & Quirky Mascots of Kansas:   Jordan Poland, director of the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. In this fun presentation, Poland discusses well-known, as well as obscure, mascots. He shares the history and stories behind the mascots.

Feel Your Oats (With Help From a Goat):   Jerry Harper, attorney. From a virility cure that involved goats, to fame, fortune, a run for the governorship and more, Dr. Brinkley did it all. Hear about his life and what we might learn from him.

Kansas’s Unstoppable Pandemic: The Spanish Flu of 1918-1919:   Tyler Johnson. Explore a brief history of influenza, how the pandemic started, why it was so deadly and what we know now. Also learn how Salina and Kansas fared.

Notorious Salina, the Naughty and the Nice:   John Burchill, associate professor, Kansas Wesleyan University. Kansas has had her share of rabble-rousers, rascals and ruffians. So has Saline County. Meet notorious and notable people who helped shape Salina and Saline County.

Throw like a Girl:   Laura Hartley, director, Wichita Boathouse at the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. Female athletes in Kansas have worked hard and persevered. Learn about the athletes, their accomplishments, Title IX and the impact of women’s sports.

Wilderness Medicine:   Dr. Jeff Thode, doctor of internal medicine & member of the Wilderness Medicine Society. Every medical emergency is different. Learn some practical steps that might help, especially if there’s no hospital or doctor around.


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