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Life in the Trenches

Originally an exhibit about Company M of Salina, Life in the Trenches morphed into a traveling exhibit focusing on the miserable nature of the trenches using vivid, first-hand accounts from Kansas soldiers of their ordeals, trials, and tribulations.

This mobile exhibit comes in a flexible arrangement that can be modified to meet your space requirements. Students, teachers, and visitors will love the concise story that focuses on Kansas soldiers in the trenches of WWI. Included with this exhibit are three interactive elements and a packet of educational activities that can be utilized by staff and/or teachers to expand upon the topics covered.

Kansas' history is filled with colorful characters that have shaped the state we know today. Through the passage of time, perspectives change and reality can give way to legend. Lines begin to blur exactly who truly deserves the title NOTORIOUS.

This engaging exhibit will explore a selection of so-called notorious figures from Kansas' past, leaving the visitor to answer just what made them receive such a title. Perhaps they might even disagree.

Kansas in the early days was filled with challenges and plenty of dangers, and that was just getting here. Image arriving  a vast wilderness with few resources and enduring all that Kansas weather can muster. With limited options for supplies, making a home on the prairie was not for the timid or faint of heart. For most, that idea sounds extremely daunting. Nonetheless, thousands traveled to Kansas to stake their claim and make a new life.

Explore the settling of Kansas. Hear from those who risked it all through diary entries. These stories share the decisions immigrants made, the hardships they faced and the hope that brought them to Kansas.