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Special Exhibit

JennaMy kid loves visiting here, and we do so often. The changing exhibit is always interesting, and the permanent ones can be alot of fun.

Fire: Embers of Discovery

Extended to October 21, 2023

Fire – entrancing, dangerous, mysterious fire. Its positive impact on our lives is felt daily. But its destructive powers make it a force to be reckoned with. Unchecked, fire leaves a path of destruction and a trail of evidence in its embers. Investigators study fires like a crime scene to discover the origin, cause and spread. What they learn often leads to improved fire safety policies and procedures.

In this exhibit, we look at some historic fires, both national and local. We will be the investigator trying to understand and learn from the ruins. Huge national fires garner the most attention, but all communities, Salina included, suffer from and learn about the power of fire. Examine these historical fires that have significantly impacted fire safety, construction codes, legislation, policies, and procedures.


Special thanks to the following exhibit sponsors: