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The Museum's galleries and exhibits are a chronicle of who we are and where we've been, challenging newcomers and long-time residents to consider how they will leave their mark.

Special Exhibit: August 31, 2018 to March 16, 2019

If you’ve lived in Kansas long enough, you’ve probably come to realize that our state has a rich history of events and colorful characters that have shaped the state we call home. Amongst those people, one can find a wide variety of individuals whose actions range from noble to downright despicable. In fact, there is such a wide array to choose from, the staff of the museum had a hard time narrowing down the list of those to include in our upcoming exhibit Notorious. Complicating the matter was the very meaning itself.  In many ways, the adjective notorious can be just as grey as the people it describes. In some instances, it’s used to pronounce someone in a negative manner, while other times it has been used to define anyone who is widely known. In this exhibit, you’ll be left to decide. Visitors will learn about people like John Brown, Dr. Brinkley, Bonny and Clyde, Buffalo Bill  and the Bloody Benders to name a few. Certain individuals are undoubtedly negative and the meaning of Notorious is clear cut, while others leave you with a lasting debate.

Throughout visitors will be discover legend versus reality, how societies views shift with the passage of time and just how these notorious Kansans forever left their mark on the State. If that’s not enough, you can always count on a number of hands-on elements to get yourself into the story. This exciting new exhibit will open to the public this fall on August 31. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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